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03 Nov 2011
Waiting for you no longer have to deliberate on the line, before I can reply to yourself, please do what you want. Is free to chat with your neighbors at the door, without having to worry about missing your on line and can be safely to go shopping, rather QQ hung slam in the hands of old mobile phones, from then on you when your husband, and I try to do my wife, you don't have to worry about me a shouldn't phone ruin your family harmony, I don't have anxiety in order to wait for you on the line.
My love for you to stay no longer, not because I'm feeling fickle, the moment when I hand over my heart, doomed undone. Although you were not able to give me crave forever, while our story only fleeting Flash in the Pan, but I never regret, and...

03 Nov 2011
Has a very long time since I've got your message, don't know what you are really forced to, or only to escape. Never really thought this love would be so hard, you become your burden, had better be passé, leaving behind thousands of gloomy melancholy.
Once has been waiting for you, crave your tenderness, after countless times of hopeless future, I decided to give up his obsession, select let go not because of love is not enough, because see I pay is no longer what you need. If my love can no longer afford to make you happy, if I ' can only be your yoke, that I have no alternative but to take my love away, walk away is the figure, could not have been a lifetime infatuated not changed!
I of persistent had was has so more people of...

03 Nov 2011
Talking about horse paintings, Wang Wende feel profound experience also. He said that art is the artist inside external display of the true state of one ' s mind. To draw hands free expression, you need to create their own internal peace of heaven, to meet the lively spirit, into the realm of vivid. Create a quiet world, Wang Wende toil flesh and bone, makes his heart experience their basic skills. His high lamp low light, middle of crowing cocks are associated with, wear of will; II practice literacy, he found qifeng, looking for painting and calligraphy nutrition, enriched themselves, engage in self-cultivation; three practicing the power of the pen and ink, understanding yourself, eclectic, focusing on the good, romantic charm of the...

17 Sep 2011
Autumn dream

Today many of the days of weather than cool, people without any sense of preparedness, that people outside the cold out of the street straight tremble, but also some plants are still green, nothing the slightest bit cold feeling, erect blooms in cold wind, feels like just a bit of trouble, as the wind sway, was skipped.
See, those red pink radish flowers, bright in a rocking chair, under the cold air float, fly up and down playing with all kinds of dancing, beautyAnd that sunny flowers has been covered with the fruits of the harvest and depressed with his head down, lying above a few stays yellow leaves have long been waiting for the baptism of the autumn wind, rustling, they seem to pass the word: "autumn is come! Autumn has...

17 Sep 2011
No sleep tonight. Excited mood, it is difficult to explain.
Me social progress and civilization development, while pride, pride.
Full moon is on in the cloud play, a bright moon, bring us joy and longing, I still pray for distant relatives silently bless, bless you forever happy, bless my friends family reunion and happiness.
Tonight, wine asked blue sky, moon bright, miles sent Acacia, world lovers, open infinite of Miss, enjoy of talk heart of affair, for love Cup in, for love shout, love we of motherland and Huaxia national; love we she endured all kinds of, efforts toiling of parents; love we of brothers sisters; love we of children; love we of friends; love we beloved of people; for love, and for full moon a drunk party Hugh!
A toast to...

17 Sep 2011
Playful all over the world descendants, admiring the Moon, sustenance, millions will filled with happy laughter. Even wandering traveler, also in their own way, and family reunion, the complex narration and family reunion, in their own way, to the family well.
Seems that "Sze Chen during the Festival" scenario is the story so far, modern technology connected together we, although we spen, but earnest words, happy picture, transmit emotions between the two places. Breath-taking high-tech development, social progress, bring fashion elements to civilization.
Distant South, daughter of the voice, her daughter's smile, no more is the pain in the hearts of parents, the same joy joyous Mid-Autumn Festival.
CCTV three sets of ten hours of live...

26 May 2011
Early work, and did not go straight home as usual. Let casual pace, watching cars come to this city I am still busy in the only two first-line every day life so that they are like puppets, mechanical and eyes seem to have become numb.
Looked up at the sky and tell myself that this day, give yourself a fine.
In recent years seem to develop a strange habit. Every year on this day, I will cut off all contact, to let his usual than usual also. Alone or in silence, or blank. Sometimes look back and see the blue through the period of years, from the initial silence of fear to the present, do not know, or be content with growth.
When boredom will give yourself a wait. Not waiting for a miracle, but I insist on waiting for a reason. And then...

26 May 2011
Love is like fertile soil, making things grow. It enriches human life, do not give the slightest restrictions and tie him down. Love can make sexual sublimation. Without recourse to love, love should not be optional. Perhaps some people think that love is a gain, but it is basically a pay process.
A caring person will have a good accomplishment, we should make our habits, to help trapped in difficult or more fortunate than you. We should not just emotionally feel compassion for others, ridiculed for no reason on the misfortunes of others, worse, to fight other people's recipe. Expansion does not mean that love and goodwill gifts, but show the spirit of generosity and courtesy. Good faith is a blind man can see, the deaf can hear the...

18 Mar 2011
The fireworks in March, still green and beautiful, colorful blooming warm breeze holding one finger, twist a pink pink, sunshine in the snow spread a piece of paper Su Jian, the days left to quietly ease under a shallow impression. Looking back all the way through the bits and pieces, and many friendly familiar face and name Ripples Diego Bay in the heart, such as mountain water struck the strings, like the sounds of nature Masterpieces of phonology. Silk strands of the sky in March had a sense of animation, a sweet feeling in the drunken text.
Perhaps knowing each other was originally destined to meet, when I was pregnant with a love of language and vision, unintentionally into the Netease, into the blog, written recollections ease into...

10 Nov 2010
28-year-old Wang Fang, and now and then talking about her first marriage, the tone calm, like the others to tell the story. Talking about first marriage, Fang said she used to be happy, then very painful. "College graduates did not take long to marry her boyfriend, but after marriage, her husband frequently, and some single brothers out to play, as time goes to often quarrel. When a marriage breaks down, he even said he never did not want to get married so early."

Flash marriage, after the flash from the 80 new toy, the younger generation like "impulse", and they want to "sensational." In some young people's view, the divorce but "wrong sign a contract."

Ma Mingyu come across in many cases, young people are very flimsy reason because of...